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Jul 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
second tree down because they're basically twin trees, they were both 100-foot oak trees. they realized that the second one also was rotten as well. and tony and allison, i think the question that's going to come up later is who was responsible for the management of that tree. it could be fairfax county, it could be vdot, it could also be the owner of the shopping complex. i talked to vdot this morning, one of the guys here said that is something people are still trying to sort out. so the story is going to continue here as far as who is responsible for making sure this tree was healthy and not in danger of falling. >> that's what we were just talking about. melanie, thanks very much. >>> a check of this morning's other top stories for you now. a prominent democratic strategist remains hospitalized after he was beaten thursday night -- last thursday night outside of a convenience store in northeast d.c. david mercer was -- has appeared on national television shows. he's on the left, including fox news channel talking about politics. police say that mercer was attacked outside o
Jul 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
rope why they are working on this tall are tree back behind us. this is a twin tree that was pretty much just like this one here. they are worried that one is going to fall. they are still not even halfway through and they've been working on it since 11:00 last night. let's look at some of the video from last night. so you had this 100-foot oak tree. people say it weighed about 40 tons, sent to eight feet in diameter at its thickest part. it fell last night just before 7:00 on a black four-door mercedes. we are told a man in his 60s was driving the car and he must have heard or seen something because witnesses say he tried to stop and that he was slamming on the brakes but the tree came crashing down, crashing the roof of of the car. they to use a crane to lift the tree. it just happened feet from the entrance to a fairfax county fair station and two men, who were driving right behind the car, were actually with an out of state tree service that was here to remove trees after the derecho. >> i slammed on my brakes and jumped out and ran up and i was hoping it hit the back side of ca
Jul 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
problem that started all of this was last newt. take a look at the video of the other tree, the twin 100-foot oak tree. it is said to be about 40 tons, seven to eight feet in diameter, when it came crashing down. we are told that a man in his 60s right before 7:00 last night was driving his car when the tree came down on top of it. he must have heard something because witnesses say he tried to stop, he slammed on the brakes but it was just too late. he had to use a crap to lift a tree off the car. it happened just feet from the entrance for a fairfax county fire station and it just so happens that the two men right behind the car were with an out of state tree service that was here to remove trees after that derecho storm. >> i was right behind them. >> it just fell. >> this one is rotted out. >> you can tell on the inside. if you look on the inside of the tree, it is rotted out all the way up. >> reporter: we'll try to show you what those men were looking at ads welcoming up in our 6:30 hour, we'll keep an "here on the progress of this tree. as you can see, this part of georgetown pike
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3